About Us


International Custom Products Inc. (ICP) is an award winning company specializing in custom-design, engineering and manufacture of mechanically-stitched textile-based products.

ICP, founded in 1985 is located in Toronto, Canada.

The Company operates out of a modern manufacturing facility of 67,000 square feet and has a staff of 150 full-time employees including a core management group with technical, scientific, engineering, manufacturing and business expertise.

ICP supplies a diverse range of products into several niche markets and is major sub-contractor to some of the world’s largest defense and aerospace companies. It is recognized as one of the most responsive, innovative, high value suppliers of engineered, customized and personalized stitched products by each company it serves.

ICP’s production and engineering staff begins work at the earliest stages of the design process using an integrated approach to ensure that well-designed products are produced on target, on time and on budget.

ICP is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is registered and fully compliant to the Controlled Good Registration Program which entitles designated officials at ICP to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in accordance with the Defense Protection Act (registration #21085). In addition ICP is registered under the U.S. Canada Joint Certification Program (#0024713, DD Form 2345).


ICP maintains a full-time multidisciplinary professional staff, comprised of individuals from many backgrounds and nationalities. ICP’s professional staff consists of experts from a number of disciplines, including: technical, design, engineering, scientific, manufacturing and business. Based on the needs of each project, a team is assembled to produce timely solutions at minimized expense to our clients. Management of these various projects provides cross-functionality and benefits across divisions.


ICP has an impressive history in the field of textile stitching (non-apparel). This has included extensive technology advancements and equipment investments to keep the Company vital and leading edge. The professional staff at ICP has broad experience in adapting to the nuances of unique materials and construction techniques. The industry experience and unwavering commitment to quality and technological advancements benefits ICP’s customers and the industry.


From a business viewpoint, ICP serves a relatively narrow niche market. ICP recognizes the importance of maintaining its strong reputation of integrity in all aspects of its business interactions.

ICP’s sales and project management philosophy is to develop a true long-term partnership with our clients that extend well beyond the initial implementation and delivery of product solutions. ICP provides its customers with a business relationship that will ensure the development of a successful program.