ICP produces parachutes and components for a large variety of ordnance delivery systems and unmanned vehicle systems.

ICP has been a major supplier of parachute delivery systems for over 20 years and is a prominent manufacturer of illuminating flare parachutes. Tens of thousands of our chutes have been used around the world as subsystems in target illumination and rescue operations.

ICP has particular expertise in producing parachutes and delivery systems.

ICP Parachute Products

  • Acoustic Sensoring Sonobuoys
  • Aerial Submunitions
  • Parachute Delivery Packs
  • High Velocity Cross Chutes
  • Cargo Delivery Assemblies
  • Illuminating Flares
  • Rocket Systems
  • Drogue Chutes
  • Low Cost Arial Delivery Systems
  • Air-Launched Weapon Systems