Warehousing Solutions

Quick Pocket

Designed with the capability to efficiently maximize warehouse and storage space, ICP’s custom Quick Pockets cut down on time, space, and cost.

Our Quick Pocket options offer a variety of customized features, including:

  • Increases storage volume up to 40%
  • Saves at least 30% on labour costs
  • Greater efficiency for less time during pick-up
  • Storage capacity of up to 80 pounds
  • Durable, quality material
  • ID pocket to hold bar code labels or part numbers
  • Contains a large pocket to store items front and back

Pick Cart

The ICP Chrome Sorting Cart is ideal for highly efficient sorting, pick and delivery. With its multi-compartment design, this sorting rack includes:

  • Non-marking wheels, with or without brakes, rigid or swivel
  • Chrome finish
  • Up to 74″ high posts
  • 2 – 8 tier shelves
  • Shelf length from 21″ to 72,” with depth from 14″ to 36″
  • Push handle

If you’re looking to maximize storage space and increase the speed and efficiency of your sorting process, contact us today! For more information about our Quick Pocket And Chrome Cart capabilities, check out our sell sheet.


Click here to download our sell sheet for more information.