About Us

Since 1985, International Custom Products Inc (ICP) has been a market leader in the engineering and manufacture of custom-designed, mechanically stitched textile-based solutions.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified producer of quality soft-goods and registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program. Further, ICP is registered under the Canadian-US Joint Certification Program for the control of defence information.

ICP operates out of a 67,000 sq ft facility and maintains a staff of over 150 full-time employees including a core management group with technical, scientific, engineering, manufacturing, sales and business expertise.

ICP supplies a diverse range of products into several niche markets and is major sub-contractor to some of the world’s largest companies. We are fortunate to have been recognized as a highly responsive, innovative, high value supplier of engineered, customized and personalized stitched products by many of our clients and partners. Over our 35+ year history, ICP has proven successes in:

Design & Development

With a world class engineering and quality department, ICP is primed to help you bring your concept to market. Be it a new consumer item or a highly sensitive defence project, ICP will be there to assist as you grow your business.

Automated Cutting

Using advanced machines backed by decades of manual experience, ICP’s staff has the right tools and knowledge to design markers, cut templates and scale the first step in your production journey.

Advanced Stitching

We remember our roots as a humble bag making company, renowned for our stitching quality and service. Although we’ve grown a lot since then, our commitment to quality, has never faltered. Whether we’re making bags or body armour, every stitch counts.

Heat-sealing and Welding

The next generation of textile engineering is here: heat-sealing, in addition to radio frequency and ultrasonic welding, allows for products once never thought possible. Be it smart textiles or waterproof fabrics, ICP has both the experience and equipment required to capitalize on the textile revolution.


ICP maintains a full-time multidisciplinary professional staff, comprised of individuals from many backgrounds and nationalities. ICP’s professional staff consists of experts from a number of disciplines, including: technical, design, engineering, scientific, manufacturing and business. Based on the needs of each project, a team is assembled to produce timely solutions at minimized expense to our clients. Management of these various projects provides cross-functionality and benefits across all of our divisions.


The cornerstone of our company is the level of quality we provide to our clients. From partnering with leading universities, to designing and building our own machinery, we continue to improve ourselves every day. Our operators are highly skilled and monitored throughout each process, while our engineers are focused on advancing the textile industry through innovative R&D.


We value our long-term relationships, and so we are always striving to maintain our reputation of integrity and reliability. We stick with our customers on every step of the way, from product inception, to design and prototyping, to production, delivery and service. Regardless of scope or size, we are there for your team and invested in your success.