True Custom Engineering

Since 1985, ICP has been manufacturing fascinating products for a variety of markets.

We’ve made parachutes that touch the edges of space, but what truly fascinates us is the limitless ideas of our partners. Whether you require a simple or complex solution, our expert team will help bring your custom ideas to life.

Team inspecting embroidery

Full-Service Engineering

Whether you have a great product idea, or you are already producing and need to scale, ICP’s experienced engineering team is ready to assist with the design, testing and manufacturing support required to help make your dream a reality.


Pushing Boundaries

ICP is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of custom design and textile manufacturing. From advanced equipment and automation to custom-built testing systems, we will ensure that your products push the limits of performance.

The ICP Team

Trusted Team

After more than 35 years, ICP has grown to become a trusted name in the textile industry. Our skilled and knowledgeable team bringing decades of world-wide experience to each new project, ensuring a streamlined, efficient operation from start to finish.

Powerful engineering for powerful ideas

We search out the most fascinating projects to partner on – Whether it be the production of lifesaving buoyancy jackets for the Royal Canadian Navy, or stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic to design and produce reusable PPE, the team at ICP is always there to help with your next great idea.

We have worked with everyone from start-ups to multinational corporations to help bring their ideas to market. Let us play a supporting role in your next success story.

Our Work

  • Tarps (cargo/vehicle)
  • Shelters
  • Bags/Backpacks/Luggage
  • Custom Transportation Cases
  • Insulated Storage Systems
  • Nuclear Containment Systems
  • Seats and Seat Covers
  • Straps and Harnesses
  • Sleep Systems
  • Drapes/Curtains

Engineering Features

Quality Sourcing

It starts with the right raw materials, sourced by our expert team. We’ve got over 35 years of experience working with advanced textiles.

Human Touch

We are not some overseas mega-corp, but rather a local Canadian-owned company whose goal has always been to deliver quality custom-made products. When working with us, you’re not dealing with another faceless factory chasing profits. Instead, you will be working with partners who understand your needs come first and are in it for the long haul.

Cost-effective and Cost-appreciative

No corners are cut in ensuring the highest-performing materials, designs and equipment are applied to every project we undertake. We focus on using the most cost-effective and efficient methods of producing while ensuring there is no sacrifice to quality or performance.

Ingenious Ingenuity

Our engineers put their experience and innovation to the test when coming up with the best way to bring your product to life. Whether it is through eco-friendly materials or by agreed changes to existing blueprints, we are dedicated to bringing your ideas to life in the best possible way.

Automation – The Future of Manufacturing

High-speed, precise, custom-built machinery allows us to achieve the perfect stitch time and time again. Our team is constantly building new equipment and partnering with the best universities to add new capabilities to serve you better.


As a leading figure in the Canadian manufacturing industry, we understand the importance of superior quality and speedy service. When you need to perfect fast and on-time delivery, we’ll be there for you.

Our Clientele

Woods Canada
Wade Antenna
GSI International
Canada Goose
Moose Knuckles
Ontario Power Generation