ICP urgently needs your help to support the people of Ukraine

ICP is committed to supporting our communities, from local to global. Please join us in our support of the ongoing initiatives below.

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The people of Ukraine need our help, and it is time to pass the hat for our frontline medics.

ICP has partnered with the Canadians Care Collective Fund, The Markham Rotary Club Foundation, NKS Health and RAZOM to raise funds for medicines, personal protection equipment and various other medical supplies to send to volunteer medics on the front lines of this conflict.

ICP has already supplied medical gowns and is raising funds to support the further purchase of goods and fund the logistics required to move items directly to those in need.

96% of all funds go directly to the purchase of supplies. Please help us deliver urgently needed items to those who risking their lives to make a difference.


Children are our future, yet at this very moment, millions of kids have had to flee Ukraine due to the horrible death and destruction caused by senseless aggression.

When we face trauma and loss in our lives, others are there to provide support in our time of need. Now it’s our turn.

We are stronger when we’re united and support one another, so we’ve decided to start a campaign – Pass the hat for Ukrainian kids – a fund to raise money to assist these children whose world has been forever altered.

We’re passing the hat to our co-workers, family, and friends to gather donations for the Save The Children agency, a group committed to providing clean water, clothing, education, and safety to children all over the world.

We’re now passing the hat to you. Join us in our mission to help ease the suffering of these innocents in any way possible. Donate via the link below and then share this message with two other people. Let’s keep the hat moving, and together we can try and make the world a little bit better.

Child holding up Ukraine Flag
Child holding teddy bear
Packaging food into boxes